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From planning to operating and beyond, our experts help you accelerate edge to cloud transformation, optimize operations, and maximize IT investments.

HPE Transformation services

Build a more effective hybrid cloud operating model.

A hybrid cloud platform brings fundamental changes to how enterprises should approach their technology stack, people and processes in their operating model, as well as the economics of their businesses. It could be “cloud” is being demanded without a clear business case or that strategy is not clearly defined. It could be that cloud adoption is stalled, not producing results, or technical debt is limiting modernization, while cloud costs are escalating quickly. With HPE Services, you can design, build, migrate, and improve your hybrid cloud platform and performance in a scalable way, while leveraging a multi-generational IT reality.

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HPE Data Services

Data is everywhere — ever-increasing in quantity and complexity. But there’s a major difference between data, information and actionable insights, and many organizations are losing sight of data’s utility. The dilemma is between assessing the existing data environment and validating the data strategy to drive the transformation and modernization journey. Start your data-driven transformation journey with HPE Data Services.

HPE Services experts help you design and deploy an environment that combines all data from various sources to create a unified hub where data can be securely treated and accessed for enterprise-wide analysis and integration. Transform your data for better business outcomes with data-focused workshops, capabilities assessments, design services and implementation services.

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HPE Application Modernization Services

Migrate and modernize confidently with a full lifecycle of tools, frameworks, offerings and capabilities for an end-to-end application transformation journey to hybrid cloud via HPE Application Modernization Services.

HPE Service experts help ensure legacy applications continue to perform their intended function and leverage the benefits of their new hybrid cloud destination with new levels of agility, scale and performance. 

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Empowering your Infrastructure

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